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April Goals


Complete new suggestions for BNH Book Shelf categories-Now that I’ve talked with both Justin and Sam, I need to go ahead and finish creating a new list of categories for the Book Shelf, organize the current book lists under the new categories, and send them off to Justin and Sam for approval.

Daily Writing-I have a new mentor who is helping me with the writing process. She has projected a completion goal of all dissertation chapter drafts (no editing) by the end of the summer (July). To accomplish this, I must write at least 10 pages weekly (broken down into roughly 500 word-minimum daily goals).

Launch my summer class page-I need to make sure that I have all the components for the course set up and ready to go for the start of summer session in June. The earlier I get this done, the better.  I actually knocked this one out yesterday! Great start to the month!

Write up my Fall course syllabus-This will mainly be tinkering with a former syllabus, but I need to get it out of the way and ready to go for when the Carmen system opens up the Fall class pages for editing.


Work out-I want to make sure that I incorporate even the smallest of workouts daily, whether that’s attending the gym for weights/cardio or a class, or doing something in the house like yoga.

Set aside relaxation time-I want to make sure that my dissertation goals, teaching, preparing to move again, and my BNH responsibilities don’t interfere with my ability to relax. Each morning I’ve set aside 1 hour of quiet time with my coffee. At night, I’ve set aside 30 minutes for quiet reflection. And on Sundays-no work!

OAH Conference-I want to make the most of my time in Atlanta. First, my friend Jen will be with me and we need some quality fun time. Second, I’ll be attending most of the job search/networking forums to get prepared for entering the job market in the Fall.

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