Below is a selection of podcasts that have featured me and my work.

“Most Significant Naval Event.” The Napoleonicist; October 25, 2021. Available: https://apple.co/3GN2hYW 

“Pirates-with Jamie Goodall.” The Napoleonicist; October 6, 2021. Available: https://apple.co/2YupZYs

“Talk Like a Pirate Day is a Lie, and Other Piratey Things.” Ocean Science Radio; September 23, 2021. Available: https://spoti.fi/3ELg3KH

“Arrrgh Ruined Lives with Maddy McAllister and Jamie Goodall – Ep 72.” A Life in Ruins Podcast; September 6, 2021. Available: https://www.archaeologypodcastnetwork.com/ruins.

“Pirates 1: Introduction to Pirates.” SweetBitter Podcast: The Untold History of Pirates; September 2, 201. Available: https://sweetbitterpodcast.com/pirates/.

“Avast me hearties! Piracy and Archaeology-Ep 18.” Archaeology After Dark; 27 August 2021. Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNvqkB1VLC4

“Chesapeake Bay Pirates & the 19th Century Oyster Wars Ep 12.” Unsung History; 23 August 2021. Available: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1794766/9073737

“Pirates of the World with Dr. Jamie Goodall – Ep 58.” A Life in Ruins Podcast; May 30, 2021. Available: https://www.archaeologypodcastnetwork.com/ruins/58

“How did sailors become pirates? (Sea of Thieves).” HeyLesson; April 21, 2021. Available: https://heylesson.net/podcast/how-did-sailors-become-pirates-sea-of-thieves/

“Pirates of the Chesapeake with Dr. Jamie Goodall.” Preble Hall; March 15, 2021. Available: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pirates-of-the-chesapeake-with-dr-jamie-goodall/id1485514337?i=1000513006598

“Bonus Roundtable: Lady Pirates with Jamie Goodall.” HerStory on the Rocks; January 14, 2021. Available: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bonus-round-table-lady-pirates-with-jamie-goodall/id1440235092?i=1000505360988

“Episode 134: Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay Author Dr. Jamie L.H. Goodall.” Shooting the Breeze Sailing Podcast; December 23, 2020. Available: http://theescapepods.com/2020/12/23/stbsp-ep-134-pirates-of-the-chesapeake-bay-author-dr-jamie-l-h-goodall/ 

“Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay.” Dan Snow’s History Hit; August 28, 2020. Available: https://apple.co/31beo1w.

“An Epic History of Piracy on the Chesapeake Bay.” WYPR’s On The Record; July 28, 2020. Available: https://www.wypr.org/post/epic-history-piracy-chesapeake-bay

“#133 History Hack: Pirates AAAAAAR!.” History Hack; June 24, 2020. Available: https://historyhack.podbean.com/e/133-history-hack-pirates-aaaaaar/

“Episode 129: Piracy and Pirates on the Chesapeake Bay with Dr. Jamie Goodall.” PreseveCast; June 9, 2020. Available: https://www.preservecast.org/2020/06/08/piracy-and-pirates-on-the-chesapeake-bay-with-dr-jamie-goodall/ 

“#89 History Hack: Down the Pub.” History Hack; May 22nd, 2020. Available: https://historyhack.podbean.com/e/89-history-hack-down-the-pub/

“Sea Control 171–Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay with Dr. Jamie Goodall.” CIMSEC Sea Control; Spring 2020. Available: http://cimsec.org/sea-control-171-pirates-of-the-chesapeake-bay-with-dr-jamie-goodall/43522 

“Dr. Jamie Goodall Interview Episode 9.” TheCuriousManPodcast; Spring 2020. Available: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dr-jamie-goodall-interview-episode-9/id1369458829?i=1000471444494

“E29: Pirates! (w/ Dr. Jamie Goodall).” Untenured Tracks Podcast; Spring 2020. Available: https://untenuredtracks.podbean.com/e/e29-pirates-w-dr-jamie-goodall/

“Jamie L.H. Goodall, ‘Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: From the Colonial Era to the Oyster Wars.” New Books Network Podcast; Spring 2020. Available: https://newbooksnetwork.com/jamie-l-h-goodall-pirates-of-the-chesapeake-bay-from-the-colonial-era-to-the-oyster-wars-the-history-press-2020/

“Bonus Round Table: Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay with author Dr. Jamie Goodall.” HERstory on the Rocks; Fall 2019. Available: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bonus-round-table-pirates-chesapeake-bay-author-dr/id1440235092?i=1000465935174.

“Jamie Goodall, Stevenson University.” Working Historians Podcast; November 1, 2019. Available: https://soundcloud.com/user-399142700/jamie-goodall-assistant-professor-stevenson-university.

“Season #1, Episode #1: Dr. Goodall talks tattoos, tequila, and PIRATES!!! Arrr!!!.” Scholars & Shots Podcast; July 2019. Available: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2I6W4u1lSeLBWXQDGXrFi3

“Episode #34 Pirates, Public History, and PIRATES! with Jamie Goodall.” The Rogue Historian Podcast; May 5, 2018. Available: https://theroguehistorian.com/blog/2018/5/5/pirates-public-history-and-pirates-with-jamie-goodall.