Sample Undergraduate Student Unessay Projects

Here is a collection from across semesters and courses of some of my favorite undergraduate student projects to-date.

World History II

Mini-protest signs by Ayanna Crawley
Topic: Oppression and Resistance, Women in Africa
Infographic by Gwen Stevenson
Topic: Rwandan Genocide

An interpretive video by Ari McCumbie
Topic: The Reynolds Pamphlet

A “Drunk History” video by Payton Girod and Andrew Keenan

Video Screen Shot
Topic: The “Miracle on Ice” and the Cold War
Screenshot of Blog by Jessica Miller
Topic: Bartholomew Roberts

Jessica Miller’s Pirate Blog

A video by Jaliyl Jones
Topic: Interpretation of Historical Cultural Dances

The United States: Colonial America to 1877

Tiki-Toki Timeline of Bacon’s Rebellion by Nick Wells
Women Website
Wonder Women of America
Website by Shamika Wiggins
Graphic by Heather Martz-Keller
Civil War Battlefields
TripLine by Michael Rhodes
Civil War Battlefields
TripLine by Michael Rhodes
Nurses of the Civil War Blog by Ashley Reed
Pro- and Anti-Slavery Protest Materials by McKenna DeBandi

Pirates of the Caribbean/Atlantic

Pirate Podcast by Tom McLean: Link Here
ABC Book of Pirates by Stephanie Czeslowski

Blog about Disney & Jean Lafitte by Alexandra Henry

Dark Tourism TripLine by Caroline Smith

Some tavern fliers by McKenna DeBandi

Tweets between Governor John Reiley (Josh Rifkin) and The Scotchman (Victor Hills)