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  • Cindy Ringgold Johnson

    In your research did you find any information on Marmaduke Mister of Somerset County, Maryland as a privateer?

  • Oh be 1 2 know me

    Sir Thomas Lunsford and his brothers were the original three musketeers, they sent rattle snakes back to their people back home.
    For 100years ben franklin got a letter saying stop sending snakes and he said stop sending your thugs

  • Andre Myers

    Hello: I am watching you on C-Span on the Gender & 1960’s Activism. Class is very interesting. I enjoy history of the 1960’s and 70’s. I just turned 60 years old on August 2th. Are you on Linkedlin?

    • Jamie Goodall

      Hi Andre,

      Thanks for watching! I am not on LinkedIn at this time. I pretty much keep to my website, Instagram, and Twitter!



    • William Buie

      Dr. Goodall,

      I just read your piece “The Buccaneers embody Tampa’s love of pirates. Is that a problem?” in the Washington Post. I loved the historical detail you presented, it was informative and entertaining. As to the judgement of celebrating notorious historical figures, I think that position fails to understand our long history of doing exactly that, particularly our fascination with the wild west. This pirate worship is different than say a confederate monument that residents of color may have to walk past, and feel personally offended by, as descendants of slaves. Celebrating pirates (who dabbled in slavery and sex trade) and gunfighters is truly harmless fun and should not fall into the realm of cancel culture. However providing actual facts of their dastardly deeds as you did is very helpful and gives great context to the villains we celebrate.

      Very Respectfully,
      William Buie
      Bucs Fan ?

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