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An Epic History of Piracy on the Chesapeake: My interview with WYPR’s On the Record.

Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: My interview with PropTalk

Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: My interview on DelmarvaLife

Modern Pirates Plaguing the Caribbean: My interview on RT America

Gender & 1960s Activism, C-SPAN: My recorded lecture for Lectures in American History

Jamie Goodall-Global Maritime History Page

Bonus Round Table: Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay with author Dr. Jamie Goodall HERstory On the Rocks

“Jamie Goodall, Stevenson University.” Working Historians Podcast.

“Season #1, Episode #1: Dr. Goodall talks tattoos, tequila, and PIRATES!!! Arrr!!!.” Scholars & Shots Podcast.

Episode #34 The Rogue Historian: Pirates, Public History, and PIRATES! with Jamie Goodall
(Episode can also be found on iTunes and Spotify!)

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  • Andre Myers

    Hello: I am watching you on C-Span on the Gender & 1960’s Activism. Class is very interesting. I enjoy history of the 1960’s and 70’s. I just turned 60 years old on August 2th. Are you on Linkedlin?

    • Jamie Goodall

      Hi Andre,

      Thanks for watching! I am not on LinkedIn at this time. I pretty much keep to my website, Instagram, and Twitter!



  • Oh be 1 2 know me

    Sir Thomas Lunsford and his brothers were the original three musketeers, they sent rattle snakes back to their people back home.
    For 100years ben franklin got a letter saying stop sending snakes and he said stop sending your thugs

  • Cindy Ringgold Johnson

    In your research did you find any information on Marmaduke Mister of Somerset County, Maryland as a privateer?

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