Sample Undergraduate Student Projects

Here is a collection from across semesters and courses of some of my favorite undergraduate student projects to-date.

World History II

Mini-protest signs by Ayanna Crawley
Topic: Oppression and Resistance, Women in Africa


Infographic by Gwen Stevenson
Topic: Rwandan Genocide


An interpretive video by Ari McCumbie
Topic: The Reynolds Pamphlet

A “Drunk History” video by Payton Girod and Andrew Keenan

Video Screen Shot
Topic: The “Miracle on Ice” and the Cold War


Screenshot of Blog by Jessica Miller
Topic: Bartholomew Roberts

Jessica Miller’s Pirate Blog


A video by Jaliyl Jones
Topic: Interpretation of Historical Cultural Dances

The United States: Colonial America to 1877

Women Website
Wonder Women of America
Website by Shamika Wiggins
Civil War Battlefields
TripLine by Michael Rhodes
Civil War Battlefields
TripLine by Michael Rhodes
Nurses of the Civil War Blog by Ashley Reed
Pro- and Anti-Slavery Protest Materials by McKenna DeBandi

Pirates of the Caribbean

Tweets between Governor John Reiley and The Scotchman